Warp Corp

Who We Are

Warp Corp is a duo of audio and visual artists made up of Chad Thompson and JenniFantastic.

Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson



Together they produce and perform hard electro/house music as well as create live 3D visuals on-stage. The members of Warp Corp now reside in Florida but previously resided in Denver, Colorado where they were and continue to be a big part of the scene there.  They have had the opportunity to perform at countless shows and festivals all over the world including a performance at 2011’s Coachella Music Festival.

Warp Corp released their first album, an EP titled “Electrofessionals” on July 18th 2011. It is available for purchase almost anywhere digital music is sold including iTunes and Beatport.

Warp Corp is changing the way you and your friends experience music by bringing live music and visuals together on-stage to create an incredible sensation for your eyes and ears.

30 Minutes With Warp Corp – an Audio/Visual preview

Here’s a short preview of just some of what we do on-stage.

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